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Minsk Blues Festival is annual celebration of the Blues in the heart of Belarus. Our aim is to slake the thirst for blues music in this country by providing a stage for aspiring Belarusian blues artists to share their passion for the Blues with an appreciative audience, by organizing all the blues aficionados of Belarus into a vibrant blues community sharing common values, interests, and goals. On top of that, our hope is to incorporate Belarus into the international blues community by establishing new and cementing existing contacts with international blues festivals and inviting world’s top bluesmen to perform in Belarus. The doors of the festival are open for everyone. You are welcome.



The venue for Minsk Blues Festival 2009 will be the Minsk Concert Hall (5 Oktyabrskaya Street) with a capacity of about 1230. More...


The line-up for Minsk Blues Festival 2009 features 10 bands from five countries (U.S.A., Switzerland, Latvia, Russia, Belarus). More...


We have begun preparations for Minsk Blues Festival 2009. This year’s line-up features bands from Russia, Switzerland, Latvia, Belarus, and the United States. We are proud and honored to have one of the world’s best blues slide-guitarists, Mr. Sonnny Landreth, at our fest this year by courtesy of the Embassy of the United States in Minsk. More...

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